Entral Nutrition

Punxsy / Rezk Medical Supply has on staff trained personal to help with your enteral nutrition needs. If you are a skilled facility or personal care home we have a trained worker who could help you with all aspects of your enteral nutrition needs. To find out more please call our location closest to you.


Full line of Ross Nutrition Enteral products

  • Including but not limited to: EleCare, Ensure, Glucerna, Jevity, Juven, Nepro, Osmolite, Optimental, Pediasure, Perative, Polycose, TwoCal HN
  • Ready to Hang and Oral Enteral Supplies
  • Ross Enteral Pump's and Nutrition Bag's


Full line of Nestle Nutrition Enteral Products

  • Including but not limited to: Boost, Boost Glucose, Compleat, Resource, Isosource, Nutren, and Isocal.


We carry other Enteral Nutrition products. If there is a product/food that you require do not hesitate to call and see if we carry it. If we do not carry the product in stock chances are we can get it in for you as soon as possible.